A message from the student narrators of the practical examination video

02 August 2021

There will be no practical examination at the IChO2021. Participants will be provided a video explanation of the planned test content from the VR space. Six students from Kyoto Prefectural Sagano Senior High School behind the voices of the videos gave us a message.

We are fortunate to be given this opportunity to help the International Chemistry Olympics in this way. We are students who like both English and chemistry. We believed challenging ourselves to try new things would give us new perspectives, and we thought taking this opportunity would give us new discoveries and experiences. Being able to participate in this event with friends was another incentive as well.
Although it wasn’t an easy task to pronounce the long names of chemical substances or highly technical chemistry terms properly, we enjoyed dealing with it. Most of us hope to work in a science field such as medicine, biology, or space aeronautics. Some of us would like to deal with environmental problems in the future as well. We are sure we need to use English to work in this field with the global scene. We will make good use of this experience that has given us a chance to get to know what practical English is like. Thank you.