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IChO 2021 Schedule

  • Jul 23, Fri

    21:00JST / 14:00CET / 08:00EST

    [Mentors] [Invigilators] Training of Oly-Exam (Zoom)

  • Jul 25, Sun

    15:00JST / 08:00CET / 02:00EST

    [Students] [Mentors] Opening Ceremony

    21:00JST / 14:00CET / 08:00EST

    [Mentors] Receive the problem (Oly-Exam)

  • Jul 26, Mon

    09:00JST / 02:00CET / 20:00EST

    [Mentors] Deadline of feedback (Oly-Exam)

    21:00JST / 14:00CET / 08:00EST

    [Mentors] Jury meeting (Zoom)

  • Jul 27, Tue

    09:00JST / 02:00CET / 20:00EST

    [Mentors] Receive the authorized problem (Oly-Exam)

    [Mentors] Translation/submission (Oly-Exam)

  • Jul 28, Wed

    09:00JST / 02:00CET / 20:00EST

    [Mentors] Deadline of translation/submission

    09:00JST / 02:00CET / 20:00EST

    [Invigilators] Receive and print out the problem (Oly-Exam)

    14:00−05:00(Jul 29)JST / 07:00-22:00CET / 01:00-16:00EST

    [Students] Examination (5 hours)*

    Within two hours after the end of the examination

    [Invigilators] Submit the solutions (Oly-Exam)

  • Jul 29, Thu

    [Students] Activity**(SPring-8 Virtual tour)

    09:00JST / 02:00CET / 20:00EST

    [Mentors] Receive the solution and the grading scheme (Oly-Exam)

    [Students] [Mentors] Activity**

  • Jul 30, Fri

    [Students] Activity** (Video: Practical Examination explanation)

    09:00JST / 02:00CET / 20:00EST

    [Mentors] Receive the grading results from the Organizer (Oly-Exam)

    [Mentors] Request arbitration (Oly-Exam)

    21:00JST / 14:00CET / 08:00EST

    [Mentors] Deadline of the request

    [Mentors] Jury meeting (Zoom)

  • Jul 31, Sat

    [Students] Activity** (Video: Nara’s history and the technology for preserving cultural assets from the past to the future)

    09:00JST / 02:00CET / 20:00EST

    [Mentors] Arbitration (Zoom)

  • Aug 1, Sun

    [Students] Activity** (Video: Himeji Castle, Osaka) (Video: Kyoto)

    09:00JST / 02:00CET / 20:00EST

    [Mentors] Receive Final results (Oly-Exam)

  • Aug 2, Mon

    21:00JST / 14:00CET / 08:00EST

    [Students] [Mentors] Closing Ceremony

*from 14:00 to 19:00 (July 28, JST) in the earliest timetable and from 00:00 to 05:00 (July 29, JST) in the latest timetable

**The contents of these activities will be released at 00:00 (JST) on each date. Participants of the IChO 2021 will be able to join the activities from VR space at any time until 23:59 (JST) on August 2. Videos with similar content will be available to the public on the website at a later date.